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    Contact: Miss Shao.
    Tel :0571 -88225220
    Fax :0571 -88225150
    E-mail: bgf@hzbgf.com
    Address: 15 F,Tianyuan Building, Wensan Road,Hangzhou,Zhejiang Province


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    About BEC

        Hangzhou Beigaofeng Electric Power Engineering Design CO., Ltd. is a company specialized in EPC (engineer, procure, construct) contracting and designing of engineering projects in fields of flue gas dust collection, FGD (flue gas desulphurization) as well as FGD retrofit, physical modeling and mathematic simulation for denitrification and ammonia system, waste heat utilization, waste water treatment, CHP (combined heat and power) cogeneration, waste incineration, and etc. By utilizing the technologies developed by ITPE (Institute for Thermal Power Engineering of Zhejiang University, a state key Lab.), our company plays a leading role in fields of energy and environmental protection.
        As an executive member of Technology and Standard of Environmental Protection Research Professional Committee of All-China Environmental Federation and National Technical Committee on Environmentally-friendly-product Machinery of Standardization Administration of China and having got several individual members of Environmentally-friendly-product Machinery of Standardization Administration of China, our company participates in the development of environmentally-friendly-product machinery standards and maintaining of the website of China Environmental Protection Standards Administration. Our company is also a member of Zhejiang Environmental Protection Association which has granted us a Project Designing Certificate on Exhaust Gas.


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